Distillation Column-Fraction Distillation column- Packed Distillation column

Kalina Engineering is a proven Distillation column manufacturer.

Distillation is the process of separating liquid mixture into its component parts. It also known as fractional distillation. Distillation column is the heart of the distillation system. Industrial distillation is performed in distillation column which is also known distillation tower.

We have manufactured simple distillation column as well as fractional distillation column with internal packing for highly complex distillation requirement.

Benefits of Kalina Engineering Distillation Column

  • Distillation column can be manufactured to accommodate packing or tray manufactured by the leading companies like Sulzer, Fine Pac Structures etc.
  • Offered with the Bubble Cap column design for Alcohol distillation
  • Option of ordering complete distillation system including Reboiler, Distillation column, Main condenser, Product cooler, Vent condenser, Reflux drum, and a return line as per process requirement
  • Successful installation of Distillation columns for Solvent Recovery, Methanol and other fine Chemical , Alcohol distillation, Essential oil distillation
  • Offered in Carbon Steel, Stainless steel
  • Manufactured as per your exact specifications
  • Third party inspection offered. Test certificates as per your requirement will be provided
  • Value added supply of automation, valves, pipes and fittings with process equipments
Distillation Column, packed distillation column, fractional distillation column
Distillation Column
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